HIV/AIDS Decision Support System - with RHINoVision

HIV/AIDS DSS - with RHINoVision is an open-source Decision Support System that builds on the methodology outlined in the MEASURE Evaluation Building a Web-Based Decision Support System working paper. It features some powerful, interactive visualizations of national HIV/AIDS data for 39 PEPFAR Priority Countries/Regions (source: HIV/AIDS stakeholders in national governments, ministries of health, and national HIV/AIDS programs can use it to make informed decisions on HIV/AIDS interventions.

The interactive visualizations in the HIV/AIDS DSS, called RHINoVision, play to the strengths of routine health information system (RHIS) data, in that they empower users with simultaneous visualization of data over time and geography. Click on HIV/AIDS DSS Dashboards to navigate to the aggregate dashboard, where there are drop-downs to select country/indicators for visualization.

Why the name RHINoVision? RHINO is the Routine Health Information NetwOrk. The Rhino is the spirit animal of the RHINO Organization. But RHINOs don't see very well. So the birds gather on their backs and the Rhinos use the birds to help see. That's RHINoVision. Not only do the birds help the Rhinos monitor and evaluate their situation, the birds can examine the underlying data to improve the quality of the Rhino's skin by keeping them clean and bug-free. That is RHINoVision used by Rhinos to make informed decisions to improve the quality of their lives.

Finally, the birds can fly around and have a “birds-eye-view” of everything around, helping Rhinos triangulate data from routine and non-routine sources, thus helping to verify that their data are valid and credible. RHINoVision adapts the principles of Biomimicry to empower users of routine health information.